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About Us


A professional and friendly duo, committed to capturing your special moments for a lifetime.

Capturing the love, beauty and every quirk.

Engagements, weddings, new babies and birthdays. Family events have always been the highlight in our lives. Throw in a passion for photography and here we are doing what we do best.

Scroll down and enjoy some of our best moments. We hope to share yours too.

My journey into photography began at an early age just snapping away at any and everything, but I was young…


My real journey began with the engagement of my brother and his now wife, the meeting of two people in love and my upmost desire to show their love story through a sequence of charismatic, documentary style imagery, which has now become my passion and gift.


“Don’t marry some you can live with… Marry someone you can’t live without”


I understand that weddings are that unique, personal representation of two people committing themselves to one another, and with that said, every wedding deserves that fine attention to detail. My aim is to document captivating images that serve to reflect the day enabling whoever looks at the pictures to get a sense of nostalgia, the emotions and feelings felt on the day.


It is always a privilege to be able to document and capture unique expressive moments of love, infused with all types of cultures. My work is a representation of the love and happiness captured on the day, catching important moments with vibrancy and elegance. A simple and natural approach with produces striking imagery to be re-lived by all, for many years to come.

Principe Short.

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